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Unlike most professional photographers who get their prints from a lab, I do my own printing. The beast of a printer you see in the slides show is my Epson 9900, a state of the art machine which can create stunning prints on a variety of materials. For more information on the amazing size, quality and longevity of the output from this printer, see LARGE PRINTS ON CANVAS on this site.

By making my own prints, I control every step in the process from image capture to final print, and I'm obsessed with quality. That means you get rich vibrant prints with accurate colors every time, for a reasonable price. And because I am local and accessible, we can work together to make sure your prints meet your vision. If you're not happy with your prints for any reason, tell me, and I'll fix the problem or refund your money.

What kinds of prints can you order?

  1. Additional prints that were not included in the photo package from your session with me.
  2. Fine art prints of any photo you see here on my site (unless a person in the photo doesn't give permission).
  3. Reproductions of any of Eric Staib's paintings (SERVICES/ART REPRODUCTION for more info).
  4. Prints of your own photos (either digital files, which I can retouch and optimize for you if desired, or prints, which I can scan and restore if needed (SERVICES/RESTORATION for more info))
  5. Prints of digital images that you've purchased from a stock photo site on the web. For large prints you'll need to purchase a high resolution file. Adding this last option means you can have an amazing print of just about anything you can imagine, at any size up to 4x9 feet.

What else is there?

Prints can be matted, framed, dry mounted, or, for canvas, gallery wrapped, with or without a floater frame (the slide shows the floater frame--very classy!)

The slide show also some examples of layouts and collages I've made. With your input and your photos, I can design and print these types of projects for you.

Click here for PRINT PRICE LIST .