Everyone Else

Would you like a good picture of yourself to post on Facebook that's less than 10 years old? Do you usually hate how you look in photos because you can't relax in front of the camera? Did you ever think it would be really cool to have a picture of yourself doing the thing you love? If you answered yes to any of these questions, or you just think it's time for a decent photo of yourself, you should schedule a portrait session with me.

I know what it's like to feel uncomfortable in front of the camera--I feel that way myself. I've developed a style of portrait photography that seems to put people at ease. First, I try for a natural setting, preferably with you doing something that you enjoy. Then I start snapping, and chatting, and eventually you forget to be uncomfortable and I get something that works. Either that or I sneakily photograph you when you don't know I'm doing it, before you think we've started, or when you think we're done.


My price for a simple portrait session is $75. The price would go up for something more involved (i.e. time intensive), and I can give you a quote based on the particular job. As I implied in the preceding paragraphs, I want the photos to work for you and be unique to you. With that in mind, I'll go where we need to go to accomplish this--to the woods, to your concert, your board room, your living room, the ski slopes or your hockey game. We can take the picture in your car, with your base guitar, or your hunting rifle, in your clog dancing outfit or your civil war re-enactment uniform. You get the idea.

Included in the portrait price is a set of prints:  two 8x10s, two 5x7s, four 4x6s and 10 wallets.  You have the option to substitute sizes and quantities, provided you stay close to the same total paper size for the package. Larger or additional prints are available at additional cost. Here is a link to my PRINT PRICE LIST

By the way, as you may have noticed from some of the examples in the slide show, I have a few Photoshop tricks up my sleeve. If you're interested in something a little different--would like to indulge in a bit of improbable fantasy, I'm up to the task and would love to collaborate with you.